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Workwear Rental - The right choice

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Workwear cleaned by professionals

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Looking for a professional service?

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Made to measure workwear


Flexibility and Customisation


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We make “Made to measure” workwear: from designing to prototyping and production. We customise your uniforms, according to your technical and visual needs. Because we invest in innovation and research. And because every first impression counts! We want to get an in-depth understanding of what you want and need, so that we can provide you with personalised advice. We draw up dossiers containing both design and technical data sheets about your choice of workwear. We then manufacture approved prototypes that meet the highest quality standards. And carry out supplier selection just as rigorously. We deliver your workwear at the time and place we agree upon and get started on their upkeep, working rigorously and efficiently straight away.

HygiCo makes your life that much easier! We help you focus on your business!

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