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The days of you worrying about buying, storing, cleaning, repairing and maintaining your workwear are over. HygiCo takes care of all of it for you.

Renting workwear is far cheaper than buying it. We provide every cent of the initial investment for all the necessary workwear. Our expert consultants help you choose the items that best meet your needs.

We collect dirty clothes and exchange them for clean ones, with our reliable, punctual service. We deliver directly to your company – even directly to your employees’ locker rooms if you want – and we are as flexible as your workflows need us to be.

HygiCo, industrial laundrettes are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, comply with strict certification standards and the most stringent hygiene practices. Audited by both customers and external entities, we provide an efficient, renowned, quality service.

Our Process

Why should I rent,
not buy?

Hiring workwear provides several operational, economic and management advantages. It’s a surprisingly cheaper and more efficient solution when compared to purchasing.



More Services

Workwear Cleaning

We ensure each item of clothing is rigorously disinfected and of a high quality.

Split Rental

The perfect solution for companies that employ temporary workers or whose staff only wear their workwear occasionally.

Full Service

We provide full-service CLEANING + DIRECT SALES.

Direct Sales

We help companies who already have their own workwear choose the cleaning solution that best meets their needs.


We ensure a specialized service in cleaning uniforms for the healthcare sector.

We adapt the
best solution to
fit your company

Looking for a professional service?