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If you own or prefer to buy your own uniform, we provide full-service CLEANING + DIRECT SALES.

In addition to our exclusive cleaning service, benefit from HygiCo’s Know-How when purchasing or producing your uniforms:

1. Design, Prototype and Production of Technical Uniforms “tailored to the needs of your company”

  • Each piece is designed by our technicians, who work alongside and listen to our clients, presenting a solution tailored to each business, creating unique, exclusive clothing that projects the image sought by the company.
  • Once a project is approved, a range of fabrics appropriate to the customer’s choices is selected, which meet the technical requirements and suit the production of the workwear designed.
  • Guaranteed quality finishes and materials and great value for money ensure the best solution is produced.

2. Technical/professional support and management

  • Technical data sheets provided/drafted for pieces of clothing and cleaning products;
  • Suppliers and manufacturers selected according to (physical and chemical) technical requirements;
  • Prototype designed according to the requirements provided and so as to reflect the company’s image;
  • Product Lifecycle Management Reports drafted of the various pieces of clothing along with Microbiological Control Reports, according to the requirements of each operation.

More Services

Workwear Rental

We provide the best workwear rental solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Workwear Cleaning

We ensure each item of clothing is rigorously disinfected and of a high quality.

Split Rental

The perfect solution for companies that employ temporary workers or whose staff only wear their workwear occasionally.

Direct Sales

We help companies who already have their own workwear choose the cleaning solution that best meets their needs.


We ensure a specialized service in cleaning uniforms for the healthcare sector.

We adapt the
best solution
to fit your company

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