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If you want to ensure the best performance from your employees, and for them to feel positive and safe. That they make a good impression on your customers, and that their workwear is suitable for their job, clean, damage-free and looks good, use HygiCo’s specialised, certified services.

Workwear Rental

We provide the best workwear rental solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Workwear Cleaning

We ensure each item of clothing is rigorously disinfected and of a high quality.

Split Rental

The perfect solution for companies that employ temporary workers or whose staff only wear their workwear occasionally.

Full Service

We provide full-service CLEANING + DIRECT SALES.

Direct Sales

We help companies who already have their own workwear choose the cleaning solution that best meets their needs.


We ensure a specialized service in cleaning uniforms for the healthcare sector.

Looking for a professional service?